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Dues for new members are $ 30; and new members are assigned only one lot and are on
probation the first year.                                               Please initial box to accept conditions.
a limited number (4) 1/2 lots for those who want a smaller space $ 20
Dues for returning members are $ 25 per lot.
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*** Note: New members are on a one year probationary period.
This a community garden and members are needed to keep it running well. Put your skills to use in return for work hours credit.
Let is know your best skills by circling them below.

Plumbing        Mechanical        Small engine        Fence repair        Website        Administrative        Officer

Committee Chair                 Other______________________________________________

Please read and understand the Rules and Responsibilities and Guidelines of the Garden. Please ask questions if you
do not understand any of the contents.

Gladstone Garden Association
P.O. Box 756
Gladstone, Oregon 97027

Membership Application
Returning members must also resubmit this form each year after Jan. 1.
All members must renew their membership after January 1st of each year they wish to garden. For returning members,
an additional lot may be requested at this time, with the understanding the additional lot will be assigned after all dues
are in to the Treasurer by the March 1 deadline. A total of two lots is the maximum number of lots allowed per family
except for a couple of circumstances that were in grandfathered in several years ago. We are trying to accommodate
more gardeners by limiting the number of lots.

Dues will be accepted only until March 1; after that date, late paying returning members’ applications will be placed in
line for consideration with all new applications. The late payers may or may not be able to retain their original lots,
depending upon the number of applications received and date of mailing.

No dues will be accepted from returning members at the annual meeting, whose date is March 4, which is after the
deadline. The annual meeting is reserved for election of officers, garden business, announcements and other relevant
business. The annual membership cards may be picked up at the meeting or shortly thereafter. New members and
applicants not yet approved with be dealt with shortly after the dues deadline so lots may be apportioned as early as

Please list your email if you have access to a computer, as it makes it more efficient and cost effective if we can relay
information in this manner. We are encouraging renewals by email and the form below.