Garden Work Parties
Schedule for 2021
Bring your gloves, rakes, shovels, weed eaters,
mowers, etc., plus gas to power them, since
everything is donated.
Every gardener must participate for a minimum of four hours of work
contributed for each assigned lot this season at a scheduled word party or
specially assigned project and time. Work is only credited if you participate
in one of the scheduled sessions, or by special assignment by a Board
Member or Work Party Chair. You must sign in and sign out at the sessions
to receive credit. There is no credit for working in your own garden during
these sessions.

Not fulfilling this requirement means you will lose your garden(s) the
following year. If you are not able, or have extenuating circumstances, the
Board of Directors will allow gardeners to make a contribution to the
garden's equipment fund of $10 (per work hour owed). This will be on a
case by case basis and only acceptable upon the approval of the Board of

Always bring gloves, and whatever tools you may have: rakes, shovels,
clippers, string trimmers, mowers, plus non-ethanol gas oil if equipment is
Member Obligations
2021 Work Parties Schedule
To Be Determined